Identity Theft things to watch out for Ten Most Popular Identity Theft Resources

Here is a list of our most popular identity theft articles to help you prevent and recover from identity theft:

  1. Understanding and Avoiding Identity Theft: A simple introduction to identity theft prevention.
  2. Surprising Facts About Identity Theft: Little-known identity theft facts everyone really should know.
  3. Credit Card Fraud: 21 tips to help you protect yourself from being a victim of credit card fraud and identity theft.
  4. What to Do if Your Credit Card or Wallet is Stolen: 5 simple steps to take when your credit card or wallet is stolen to avoid becoming an identity theft victim.
  5. Avoiding ID Theft (Identity Theft) at Work: 10 useful tips to help you avoid ID theft at work.
  6. MasterCard and Other Security Alerts: 7 specific things you can — and should — do to protect yourself from MasterCard and other credit card fraud and identity theft.
  7. Startling Facts About Identity Theft: Important things you probably don’t know about identity theft when it’s not for profit but just to get a job.
  8. The Jury Duty Scam: Why the jury duty scam is a dangerous — and extremely effective — identity theft scam almost no one knows about.
  9. Phishing Scams – How You Can Protect Yourself: Phishing scams are one major way identity thieves steal your personal information.
  10. NEW: The College Student’s Guide to Identity Theft: What every college student must know about identity theft. Most college students (and their parents) have no idea what a huge problem
    identity theft is for college students. Check out this “must read” guide (and send the link to the college students in your life).

More Identity Theft Resources

  • An identity theft blog created by an identity theft victim to help you recover — or protect yourself — from identity theft.
  • Protecting Your Online Brokerage Accounts and Bank Accounts: 12 common mistakes that put your online brokerage accounts and bank accounts at risk — and how to avoid them.
  • Is Your Bank Account Safe? Online and offline strategies to keep the money in your bank account safe.
  • What’s New With Identity Theft? Pretexting and New ID Theft Standards: Pretexting is an important source of information identity thieves can use to steal your personal information.
  • Did You Get a New Computer? 8 steps to staying safe when you connect your new computer to the Internet.
  • Vishing – The Newest Security Threat: Vishing scams (phishing done over the telephone) are an important new identity theft threat.
  • Identity Fraud Tops FTC Annual List of Consumer Fraud Problems: Tips to help you protect yourself from identity fraud and the other big consumer scams.
  • Overpayment Scams: New deceptive twists to overpayment scams can lead to identity theft and serious financial loss.
  • Teach Your Children To Recognize and Avoid Internet Scams: Tips to help protect your children and your family from Internet scams and identity theft.
  • Adding a Credit Report Fraud Alert: An unanticipated downside of adding a fraud alert to your credit report.
  • Can You Really Get a Free Credit Report — Without Getting Scammed? 4 tips to make sure that getting your free credit report doesn’t lead to identity theft or unexpected credit card charges.
  • How to Find Out if Your Social Security Number Has Been Stolen: Can you use this simple approach to find out if your Social Security number has been stolen?
  • The Truth About Keylogger Programs: Keylogger programs are another method identity thieves frequently use to steal your personal information.
  • Phony Tax Form Scams: Three tax form scams you should know about that can lead to identity theft and empty bank accounts.
  • Are Ecards Safe? Tips to avoid identity theft and viruses from ecards you receive.
  • Identity Theft by State: US state-level identity theft information, websites and resources.

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