National Guard Resources for Suicide Prevention

National Guard members and Families should never weather emotional and behavioral challenges alone.

That is why the National Guard Psychological Health Program is here for you, with Directors of Psychological Health in every State, Territory, and the District of Columbia to ensure you receive the care you deserve. On our new site, you’ll find information and contacts to help you and your Family build resiliency, including education to support overall wellness, support for Family members and Friends , and immediate access to help if you are experiencing troubling symptoms.

Our Library is home to numerous online resources on topics ranging from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to Traumatic Brain

Injury and more.

Get To Know The Pillars of Wellness
These fitness areas are known as the “Pillars of Wellness.”
Emotional Wellness | Physical Wellness | Spiritual Wellness | Social Wellness | Family Wellness

  • For Family and Friends
    Buddy Care isn’t just for Service Members. Learn about behavioral health indicators and how you can make a difference for someone who may need help. Learn More
  • Will My Director of Psychological Health/Psychological Health Coordinator Keep My information Confidential
    Absolutely. Your Director of Psychological Health/Psychological Health Coordinator works with you to ensure your mental health concerns are quickly addressed in a safe, confidential environment. Get More Answers


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