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Lifelink March

In this issue: The Role of Resilience after Setbacks, March Plan of the Week Notes, Lifelink Spotlight, and Fueling Your Body and Mind with Food. Find these articles and other news you can use in Lifelink March, available here.


2018 Navy Suicide Prevention Handbook

The new Suicide Prevention Handbook is an accessible, comprehensive guide for the Navy community and is designed to serve as a ready reference for policy requirements, program guidance and educational tools to strengthen local suicide prevention efforts. Download it here.


Gatekeeper Training

Gatekeeper Training is now available for Navy communities who most frequently interact with Sailors at elevated risk for suicide. See more information on gatekeeper communities and download the lesson plans and trainings here.


The DoD Suicide Prevention Training Competency Framework (SPTCF)

The SPTCF has been developed through a collaboration between the Defense Suicide Prevention Office (DSPO), the Services, and other partners to serve as a framework to support standardized suicide prevention gatekeeper training and education activities and to increase suicide prevention capabilities among all stakeholders in the DoD community. The document is available to download (here).


Resources for FY-18 Suicide Prevention Efforts
The FY18 1 Small ACT Toolkit​ and other resources to support local action throughout the fiscal year are available on the Every Sailor, Every Day > Get Involved page. Subscribe to our distribution list to be notified when new products are available and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and WordPress for daily tips to help you be there for Every Sailor, Every Day.

Free Gun Locks Available

A limited quantity of gun locks were shipped to Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSCs) and Navy Operational Support Centers (NOSCs) in July 2017. Gun locks have been proven effective in reducing suicides during at-risk periods. A few extra moments to retrieve and unlock a firearm can interrupt the impulse for suicide and open ​the door for help. Gun locks are available free of charge to Sailors and their families, made possible by Navy Suicide Prevention Branch in partnership with the Defense Suicide Prevention Office (DSPO) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

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